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Classes for Adults at Studio Flamenco


Adult Beginner Flamenco (Levels 1 & 2)

Flamenco dance is suitable for people of all ages and no prior dance training is required. You do not need a partner for flamenco dance! Beginner classes cover the basics of flamenco technique as well as popular Spanish and flamenco dances.  It is recommended that you contact Studio Flamenco before attending your first beginner class.

From Beginner 1 courses students progress to Beginner 2 classes building on techniques learned with more challenging choreographies.

Elementary Flamenco (Level 3)

Elementary classes are designed for people with some flamenco dance training and builds on technique already learnt at beginner level. Classes include choreography and technique for footwork, use of the body, arms and hands and turns.

Intermediate & Advanced Flamenco (Levels 4 & 5)

Students at Intermediate and Advanced standard have significant training in flamenco dance and are challenged with more complex rhythms and choreography. Classes also include developing technique with a focus on use of the body, arms and hands as well as building strength, control and speed for footwork and turns.

Castanets (All levels)

Studio Flamenco runs classes for all levels in castanet techniques and rhythms. Some prior flamenco dacnce training is required.

Palmas (All levels)

Studio Flamenco runs classes in flamenco palmas (clapping) and compas (rhythm). These classes are suitable for those with or without flamenco dance/music training.

Bata de Cola

Studio Flamenco runs classes in bata de cola designed for students with some experience in flamenco dance.

Spanish Language Short Course (Beginner level Spanish language)

From time to time Studio Flamenco runs short language courses specifically designed for those with little or no experience in Spanish language and run by an experienced teacher and native speaker. Contact us for more information and to register.

Cajon (All levels)
Learn tones and exercises to help refine your sound. You will be introduced to exciting flamenco rhythms and learn warmups and technique building exercises.

Students need their own cajon- contact us for advice and information if you would like to buy one (we have contacts!).

Contact us for more information and to register.


What to wear for flamenco dance classes

Women and Girls

Leotard or other top, comfortable pants and/or a skirt.

Shoes with a sturdy heel and strap.

It is not necessary for beginners to wear a skirt to class initially.

Men and Boys

T-shirt and comfortable pants.

Shoes or boots with a sturdy heel.

Flamenco Shoes

Flamenco shoes and boots can be purchased at local dance shops or ordered via the internet (we suggest Don Flamenco shoes ). It is not necessary for beginners to purchase shoes in the first instance. Sturdy street shoes or boots, character shoes, tap shoes (with taps removed) or chorus shoes will be just as good to start with.












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